Quality Assurance 


Trident Maintenance Services is committed to achieving the highest level of quality assurance through Total Quality Management (TQM) principles.  We aim to achieve right first time and a zero defects quality.  


Our quality approach across our Commercial Painting, Cyclical Painting and Painting and Decorating programmes has seen us achieve:

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Quality assurance is paramount in every area of our operations and we are proud that Trident has become a trusted partner through our emphasis on stringent quality management and performance monitoring processes.


One of Trident’s key strengths is that we are a customer-focused company.  We listen and respond with great care to the views of our customers and clients.  All stages of our work undergo regular inspection to certify total compliance with the specification and when works are handed over to our customers they can be assured that their work has been monitored at all stages.


We review our processes regularly and modify to provide us with the best possible tools necessary to achieve our mission of providing painting solutions that transform the experience of our customers, employees and the communities in which we work.