Our Commitment

Every project we deliver is approached to fulfil the expectation of our clients:


1.   We provide the highest standard of quality, service and delivery using the best products on the market and always applied according to the manufacturer’s training and instructions.

2.   We invest in the highest standards of health and safety, ensuring our employees are competent and highly trained. 

3.   We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through our environmental management system, innovation and sustainable products.

4.   We provide real value for money, calling on the expertise and experience of our management and delivery teams to bring added value that sets us apart from our competitors.


5.   We work collaboratively with you providing flexibility to accommodate your needs and the needs of your students/customers; all delivered by a dedicated, directly employed Trident team.

6.   We always ensure that we provide quality throughout our service offering and delivering the right solution on time and within budget.