The Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s leading hospital Trusts located in Swindon, Wiltshire providing health care to over 2.5 million patient contacts a year. The Trust has around 480 beds with extensive outpatient clinics, CT and MRI scanners, a maternity service, an Intensive Care Unit with an Urgent Care Centre and a 24/7 Emergency Department.

In 2018, Trident was very pleased to secure the redecorations of the Great Western Hospitals NHS. Following extensive meetings and planning with the Estate Department we established a dedicated highly NHS experienced painting team to deliver redecorations to corridors, circulation areas, hospital wings and patient wards. We work closely with the Estate Team to plan and deliver the decorations with minimal impact to the patients, staff and visitors. 


We are committed to direct and local employment which ensures consistency in service delivery while achieving the highest in quality. Pleasingly, we secured a second phase which consisted of the Trust’s management suite, further public corridors and the Oncology Ward.


Due to the nature of the Oncology Ward and the vulnerability of the patients, the decoration works were planned to accommodate the hospital’s specific Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards. The decoration was completed through the night and over a three-day Christmas weekend ‘shut-down’ period when the ward was closed to all patients. Planning was critical to maximise the time we had, because of the volume of decoration needed. We completed a detailed Risk Management Model to factor in all the variables which we then used to successfully complete the project. 


We selected very experienced and highly trained operatives and a strong site management team; all of whom were inducted into the hospital’s procedures and safe systems of working.


The decorations were competed to an extremely high standard and within budget to the total satisfaction of the NHS staff and the Estate Team. This success has led Trident to being awarded further decorating projects for the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  

Internal Decorations