Covering five floors, the Glasgow Royal Infirmary Hospital car park is open 24 hours a day.

The key to a high-quality paint finish in steel stripping is the preparation. If the steel has not been properly prepared, no amount of paint will give a quality long-lasting finish. So, with this in mind, we used a technique of dry blasting using various levels of compressed air to force an abrasive steel media onto the surface to be cleaned. This removed all previously applied paint including rust spots to create a solid and clean surface for painting and achieving the 20-year guarantee. 


The product chosen is from Jotun Paints and is spray applied to achieve a 30-minute fire retardant, cellulosic fire protection. The Jotun thin film intumescent coatings are specifically formulated to provide a chemical reaction upon heating, changing physical form to provide fire protection through a thermal insulation and cooling effect that achieves the desired intumescent coating value.  


We focused on one floor level at a time which we divided into three distinct areas; all of which was encased in clear heavy-duty sheeting to allow the light in. The sheeting also reduced the noise to the surrounding area and prevented any debris from leaving the work area. To gain access an ‘airlock’ passageway was created allowing the operative to test their PPE (ears/eyes/breathing apparatus/bodysuit/boots/gloves, etc.) before entering the work area.  


Working with the car park management team to achieve the highest in public safety, we created a detailed Traffic Management Plan to allow the car park to be open at all times, while reducing as far as possible the inconvenience to those using the facilities.  

Painting Structural Steelwork