We work openly, transparently and collaboratively with our customers

We are an employee-owned business where making it matter is integral to our business strategy: 

Trident provides a quality property maintenance service throughout Scotland, across North England and London and the home counties through impressive experience and expertise. We are an innovative service provider with a total focus on health and safety, as well as a clear commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Quality workplaces connect, inspire, and catapult employees into new realms of productivity and well-being.

Trident aims to become the kind of business where people love to work, and have managers people love to work for. We seek to create:

  • Direction: reframing work to add meaning

  • Discovery: offering challenges and thoughtful opportunities to learn and grow

  • Devotion: cultivating an authentic, caring culture, free from corrosive behaviours


When people feel that they matter, they give their all to the job in hand, and their customers. Channel that power and every one profits. When our people are motivated and find a source of pride and sense of purpose, our Clients and Suppliers are rewarded the way they should be - with a high-quality service.

A national business built on Trust and Integrity

Our service offering:

  • ​Property refurbishment

  • Planned maintenance decorations

  • Internal and external painting and decorating services

  • Wallpaper hanging and wallcoverings

  • Cyclical and preventative maintenance regimes

  • Pre-paint repairs

  • Carpentry and joinery

  • Hygienic coating systems

  • Class O fire protective coatings

  • Ceiling upgrades and improvements

Our distinctive features are:

  • ​We make it matter

  • We embrace innovation and new technology 

  • We directly-deliver painting and decorating solutions

  • We are local with a national coverage

  • We can respond quickly to tight deadlines and your budget 

  • We offer a truly flexible service tailored to your specific needs and those of your customers

  • We have comprehensive in-house Health and Safety, Sustainability and Customer Care expertise 

  • Our knowledge and experience can save you money and improve quality

  • Our Customer Excellence philosophy puts you and your customers at the heart of our service

A national business built on Trust and Integrity

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